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My almost daily photos that are loosely related to design inspiration.

dog head on wrought iron bench at Charlottenburg Schloss Park, Berlin

daily photo: faithful companion

Hoorah for a little sunshine! We finally had a sunny day today and I think everyone in Berlin headed outside to appreciate …

bird floral motif at Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam Germany

daily photo: sanssouci bas-relief

This charming design is from the fountain garden in front of Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, Germany, near Berlin. I often photograph designs …

giant rose afro mannequin in berlin germany

daily photo: spring hair

Berlin Spring Fashion? Yep, according to the window display at Galeria Kaufhof. With snow covering everything it is nice to see some …

berlin buddy bear figurine with sewing machine clock

daily photo: sewing time

I saw this in a tailor’s window in Charlottenburg. The bear figurine is a miniature of the popular life-size Berlin Buddy Bears, …

pink protea blossom

daily photo: protea flower

In the dead of winter, there is nothing better than bringing home fresh flowers. I bought this amazing protea flower yesterday at …

graffiti in Berlin, Germany at Pankow Ubahn station

daily photo: graffiti naptime

And now for something completely different… This snoozing graffiti guy greets me everytime I take the subway from my local station. Graffiti …

weckmann, german bread man with pipe

daily photo: weckmann

The holidays are all about food and before the new year I give you one more treat – the Weckmann. My Weckmann …

mantelheizung warm outdoor seating at Christmas market in Berlin

daily photo: central heating coat

This fabulous contraption is part of an art installation that provided outdoor heated seating¬†at the Christmas Market at the Kulturbrauerei – and …

german paper star lantern light

daily photo: star lights

Here’s a little holiday cheer for you on the shortest day of the year :) Geometric paper star lights seem to be …