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My almost daily photos that are loosely related to design inspiration.

traditional scandinavian straw yule goat

Daily photo: yule goat

I saw these straw goats at the Swedish & Norwegian Christmas market a couple weeks ago. I’m a big fan of traditional …

Daily photo: gingerbread hearts

Daily photo: gingerbread hearts

These gingerbread hearts seem to be a real favorite at the christmas markets and come with various sayings written on them: everything …

gingerbread man from a Berlin bakery

Daily photo: gingerbread man

Christmas is just around the corner and the shops in Berlin are full of seasonal treats. I got this adorable gingerbread man …

art nouveau snail in Prague

Daily photo: art nouveau snail

This lovely snail sculpture is adorning the side of a small built-in aquarium feature in the Czech art nouveau palace known as …

glazed tile in Charlottenburg, Berlin

Daily photo: glazed tiles

I love ornamentation in design, especially comparing motifs and styles across different cultures and applications. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a …