Cyanotype shrinky-dinks

Someone at Maker Faire asked if I had ever tried felting a printed knit piece, which is an intriquing idea. Obviously you could felt the knitting first and then print, but by printing first you would get a sort of “shrinky-dink” effect that could be interesting. This could also be cool if you were felting into a 3D shape, or otherwise manipulating the piece.So I still haven’t tried this, but I do have a piece of wool/acrylic felt that I accidentally washed and dried in the machine – oops. Here it is compared to another swatch with the same original pattern – notice how much it shrunk!

shrunken felt in foreground, same motif on linen in the back

The motifs are about 25% smaller on the shrunken felt, and the fabric is about twice as thick as it was before.

Also, notice how the top of the felt has lots of white (un-dyed) fibers sticking up. I’m pretty sure these are acrylic fibers that didn’t shrink. So it makes the whole fabric much fuzzier, and gives the impression that the printed pattern is somehow below a layer of white fibers.

Anyways, I’m sure there is some clever application for this interesting result. Coasters anyone?

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