daily photo: chimney sweep luck

german good luck chimney sweep with clover or schornsteinfeger
Another dose of good luck from the iconic chimney sweep!

I bought this little oxalis (Glücksklee) New Year’s decoration because I am obsessed with German good luck symbols, especially the wonderful chimney sweep. I am sure that many a young kid here dreams of growing up to be a chimney sweep. It is a serious profession and apparently some even still wear the traditional black costume. I’ve been on the lookout, but I haven’t spotted one yet…

Of course we have here three good luck symbols: the chimney sweep with his tophat and ladder, plus a mushroom and lucky four-leaf clover. Although I do feel that having four-leafed oxalis is cheating, since to me finding a four-leaf clover is lucky because it is so rare.

Also, I took this photo three weeks ago and by now my Glücksklee is looking a bit anemic… I don’t want to know what kind of bad luck you get if your goodluck clover dies!

ps. A chimney sweep is Schornsteinfeger in German and I highy recommend doing a google image search on this word for some cute photos :)

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