daily photo: weckmann

weckmann, german bread man with pipe

The holidays are all about food and before the new year I give you one more treat – the Weckmann. My Weckmann here is a little smushed, but you can still get the idea – he’s like a gingerbread man except made out of sweet breadroll dough, with raisins for eyes and a nice pipe. I don’t know much about them, but when I saw him at a local bakery I knew I had to buy one.¬†From what I’ve read they go by many different names and are traditional treats on St. Martin’s Day (Nov 11th) and St. Nicolas’ Day (Dec. 6th), but I bought mine on Dec 15th, so I think they may be just seasonal too.

You can find a Weckmann recipe here.

And a google image search for Weckmann turns up a lot of fun images.


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