Guten Tag

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. Lit up during the Berlin Festival of Lights.


I’m pleased to announce that I’m restarting this blog. It’s been a long time since my last post, but I have a good excuse… early this year we packed up our little home in California and moved to Berlin, Germany. Yep, I am officially an expat.

Regrettably, this meant leaving behind my fledgling etsy business, cyanotype-workshops and my beloved studio space, but the opportunity to live in Berlin and have all of Europe at my doorstep was just too good to refuse!

So the blog is going to take on a bit of German and European flavor as I post about my experiences as an American Crafter in Berlin. I’ll still be posting about cyanotype among other craft and design-related topics. Europe is full of hundreds of years of decorative arts and I have everything from folkart to DDR pop culture to check out. Plus just the general fun of exploring the current craft and design themes here – you’ve never seen so many mushrooms and hedgehogs…

Meadowlarking has a new home too: I’ve given the blog a bit of a make-over (long overdue) with a new theme, but don’t worry all the old content from the blogspot site has been migrated over to the new address. Hope you like the new look!



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