new year for a little bunny

cleaned and restuffed stuffed animal bunny

like new again: clean and restuffed

Last weekend I made a little bunny very happy. I have an antique and well-loved stuffed bunny who was in desperate need of some attention, but I’d been putting it off because I was worried about how fragile she might be.

old stuffed animal stuffing

old stuffing: disintegrating foam and cotton wadding

Her stuffing had completely disintegrated and she was looking deflated and very sad indeed. Fortunately her fur was in very good shape – a bit stained, but otherwise fine. And when I opened her up I discovered that she’d been filled with some kind of horrible orange foam that was turning into dust (plus a clump of cotton wadding).

So I completely emptied out the old stuffing and carefully handwashed her fur and let her dry. Then I restuffed her with some nice new polyester stuffing (made in Belgium no less).

And now she is as good as new!



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