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Tutorial: How to make a quick fabric wall hanging

the finished wall hanging

I’m making a wall hanging for my 1 year old niece with one of my printed fabric panels, so I thought I’d share the project here. This is a simple project, but turns out very cute :)

1. Gather your supplies:

-  decorative fabric panel for the front

-  fabric piece for the backing

-  white polar fleece to add thickness (fusible fleece or batting would work too)

-  1 package bias tape, extra wide double fold

-  thread

I chose my colorful Stockholm design for the front, a small swiss dot on pale green for the back, and a teal bias tape to match the teal accent color in the fabric.

gather supplies

2. Trim the front piece, the fleece and the backing all to the same dimensions. (Mine is 10in x 16.5in)

trim front, fleece and back to size

3. Make the tab loops: cut 3 pieces of bias tape – each one 4.5″ long. Machine sew the long edge of each piece.

sew the bias tape tabs

4. Place the tab loops: Fold each tab in half and lightly iron. Using a ruler, align the folded tabs evenly spaced along the top edge of the back piece, with the unfinished edges at the top. The left and right tabs should be 1/2 inch from the edges, and the center tab should be exactly centered on the fabric.

evenly place and baste the tabs to the top of the back

5. Baste the tabs in place with a 1/4 seam allowance.

6. Stack the fabrics: Front piece right-side-up, fleece, and back piece right-side-down. Pin together.

stack the fabrics

7. Arrange the bias tape: Starting at a lower corner, encase the raw edges of the fabric inside the fold of the bias tape. Use pins or scotch tape to hold in place. At the top, make sure the raw edges of the tabs are completely hidden in the fold of the bias tape. (This is admittedly a lazy way to sew on the bias tape, but it let’s me do it with just one round of stitching. If you have the time, machine-stitch the back first, then fold over and whipstitch the front half of the bias tape.)

encase the raw edges in bias tape


neatly fold the corners

8. Sew on the bias tape: Carefully sew the bias tape in place around all four sides of the fabric sandwich. Take care to make neat corners, and keep the bias tape evenly covering both the front and back edges.  And take care that the tab loops do not get caught in the bias tape near the corners.

sew on the bias tape

9. Iron: Lightly iron the whole piece and press a neat fold into the bias tape edges.

10. Fold up the tab loops: Using a ruler, fold up each tab loop so that it extends exactly 1″ from the top outside edge. Pin and press the fold.

fold and press the tabs so that they are all even

11. Finishing touch: So that the fabric will hang straight, tack the tab loops in place by handstitching a few whip stitches on either side of the tab at the top edge of the piece. Only sew through the tabs and the back side of the fabric (so that the stitches don’t show on the front.) 2-3 stitches on each side is sufficient.

handstitch the tabs through just the back fabric
tacking down the tabs to make the fabric hang straighter
tab tacked down on both sides

12. Hang up and enjoy :)

voila, you’re done!


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