unravelling not as easy as it looks

close up removing ribbed border on knit hat

separating the ribbed brim from the hat border

The weather has been very chilly here the past week, and after venturing out on saturday completely underdressed, I vowed to not leave the house again until I had knit myself a warmer hat and mittens…

meret hat by woolly wormhead - photo by woolly wormhead

Meret – hat pattern and photo by Woolly Wormhead

In reality I’ve broken my oath already, but it did spur me to pick up a knitting project that I’d abandoned a couple months ago – this Meret hat from Woolly Wormhead - and finish it.

The hat is knit from the brim up and about halfway through I realized that I knit the ribbed brim much too loosely (I often have this problem with 1×1 ribbing) and I wanted to ditch the rolled brim edge.

I thought I was so clever when I decided to just finish the hat and then unravel the ribbing and re-knit it in the opposite direction. That is until I discovered how hard it is to unravel ribbing from the cast-on edge!! Completely impossible*! This was news to me, but I guess I’ve just never needed to unravel from the starting edge before.

So after consulting the web, I decided I’d be better off snipping the yarn at the top of the ribbing to “remove” the ribbed section. Ugh – not fun either, but doable. The pic makes it look a lot less of a mess than it was. For each stitch (88 in all) I had to carefully pick the tail of the cut yarn through 2-4 loops, and simultaneously make sure I picked up the newly free stitch on a needle before it was lost forever. Fortunately, the yarn I’m using is very resilient and single-stranded which made it much easier.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully have time to knit the new ribbing and block it. I’m a little worried that the holes in the lace pattern are going to be bit too breezy, so I may have to line the hat as well. We shall see…

* supposedly stockinette unravels easily from the cast-on edge




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